5 Tips For Fresh Feet This Summer!

No one likes the thought of a fungal nail infection, Athlete’s Foot or generally smelly feet. Summer is synonymous with afternoons at the local pool on hot days, unfortunately it can also be a battle to keep your feet and toenails healthy and fresh. We’ve compiled our very best tips for fungal nail infection treatment, and how to get fresh feet this summer.

  1. Let your feet breathe
    Keeping your feet in a hot and moist environment all day long is the perfect condition to accelerate fungal growth1. Especially while the days are warmer, it’s best to wear open toe shoes without socks. So, kick off those heavy boots and sneakers and give your toes and feet some air!
  2. Watch where you walk
    If you’re at a public pool, change room or shower, be aware of the surfaces you walk on. Ensure you wear thongs or slippers in areas that are not sanitised. Foot fungus is a very common condition;, it spreads easily and anyone walking barefoot through the change room could carry some kind of fungus.
  3. Keep your feet clean
    Many of us forget to wash our feet when showering, but we suggest making it a vital part of your routine. Try using a soap-free product like QV Gentle Wash to clean your feet thoroughly every day. This will help to stop fungus in its tracks before it becomes an issue, like Tinea or a fungal nail infection2.
  4. Don’t share
    To protect your feet from fungal conditions one of the easiest things you can do is simply not share socks, shoes or towels1. By keeping these personal items to yourself you can remove the risk of passing or contracting fungal infections.
  5. Treat conditions immediately
    If you think there is a possibility you may have an infection, treat it straight away and don’t delay. Antifungal medication, such as SolvEasy Tinea Spray, Cream or Gel are all available without prescription and can be purchased easily online. Ensure you follow the instructions carefully.

With these 5 easy tips you’ve got the best chance of keeping your feet fungi-free and getting fresh feet for summer. If you need more information or if you are concerned about a condition, we suggest that you seek professional advice speak with your healthcare professional.

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