1. Do only sports people get Athlete’s Foot?

You certainly don’t need to be an athlete to get Athlete’s Foot. The fungus can be picked up from any damp or humid area where people walk barefooted. Common places to contract Athlete’s Foot can include bathrooms, change rooms, yoga studios or around a swimming pool.1

2. Is Athlete’s Foot the same thing as tinea?

Athlete’s Foot is sometimes called tinea, because it’s correct name is tinea pedis.1

3. What causes ringworm?

Ringworm is caused by a fungal infection of the skin, and ringworm is often transmitted from direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected person or animal.2

4. Why is it called ‘ringworm’?

Ringworm doesn’t involve any actual worms! Ringworm gets its name from the circular appearance which becomes visible on the skin.

5. How quickly can you treat a fungal infection?

SolvEasy treatments work quickly to eliminate itchiness and irritation to the skin when you’re suffering from a fungal infection. In fact, you only need to use SolvEasy products for 7 days to treat tinea infections between the toes. Other treatments may take up to 28 days. You can shop the SolvEasy product range here.

6. What does a fungal nail infection before and after look like?

Fungal nail infections can vary in appearance from person to person. You can find more information about fungal nail infections here.

7. Can a fungal nail infection spread to the skin? And can a fungal skin infection spread to the nails?

Yes, fungal nail infections can spread to the skin and vice versa.1

8. How can I avoid a fungal infection?

Keeping your feet as healthy as possible is the first step to both managing and avoiding a fungal infection. For more tips on preventing fungal nail infections, read our prevention guide here. For more tips on preventing Athlete’s Foot, you can find our guide here.

9. Does my age make me more likely to contract a fungal nail infection?

Yes, it is more common for fungal nail infections to occur in people over 60 years of age.3

10. Do I need a prescription for antifungal medication?

No, antifungal medication is readily available over the counter at pharmacies and also online. You can shop the SolvEasy product range here.

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